In the Black Hall is the place I share my reviews  and thoughts about comic books, graphic novels and television programmes – they can be found at reviewed in the black hall.

I’m a fan of anything with arc, both hidden in the background slowly coming to the forefront and one that’s right in your face from the beginning. I love writers, moviemakers and anyone involved who can tell a story, and being drawn in by excellent characters with just as excellent dialogue.

I’m not picky or an expert, I just like what I like and enjoy giving my opinions through reviews. They might influence you to read or watch something or you might read and watch something, and disagree. That’s cool – just be nice about it if you do.

He also writes his own bits, with a short comic, “Innocence”, due to be published in Accent UK’s (http://www.accentukcomics.com/) Victoriana anthology and some pretty good television ideas that are just waiting to be picked up.

If you have something you’d like me to preview, or review catch me @palmerjono.

Hope you enjoy and all comments are welcome.


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