Doctor Who, series 7, episode 5

The Angels Take Manhattan

What a way to end a formidable companionship between the Doctor and the Ponds, and a very sad one at the same time …

It couldn’t have been done better than to include the Weeping Angels and I really enjoyed the way as  a show it included us, it’s enthralled audience even before the episode began and only revealed when he proclaims to Amy: “Once we know what’s coming, it’s fixed”. There we have it, it’s been hinted at since before the start of this new series, written about and alluded to in other episodes, it’s all fixed to happen. So, we know that the Ponds are going to die and have been waiting for it for some time but the question has always been, how?

And the answer is, in such a heart felt way that shows their loss not only to us as viewers but to the Doctor himself, as two companions that have not only been with him and helped him but who have become his family.

Looking back at the episode i think it was inevitable that it had to be Rory who was sent back in time, one it gave the hope that as always he would find someway to defeat his own death and return and secondly it plummets Amy back into that choice that she’s had since she first joined the Doctor on his travels, Rory or the Doctor?

Bringing back River Song made it a complete family affair, and as the Doctor muses towards the end of the episode “They I forget they were your family”, it’s easy to see if one of Doctor Who’s greatest and strongest character is affected by what’s happened.

The choice for Amy first comes on the roof of the apartment block and the first pluck at the heart strings is when Rory tells Amy what he would do if the roles were reversed and the first decision is made with a joint sacrifice that seemingly saves them. That is until Rory notices his own gravestone, in the same graveyard that causality has brought the characters to throughout the episode, and Amy has another decision to make, a decision that is ultimately her final one with the Doctor but that chooses Rory, but who wouldn’t choose a man that watched over you for centuries as a centurion protector? It’s another moment that makes Doctor Who what it is, a terrifically good story, with characters that do it more than justice through their acting counterparts, so good that we will miss these two characters as much as the Doctor and River will.

I’ll end with a tribute to the Weeping Angels who made this episode what it was, we were already in fear that Amy and Rory were going to die but the introduction of the eerie giggling cherubim’s alongside their older Angel siblings set the fear factor higher, each time the lights blinked it could’ve been the end for Amy or Rory and as viewers we were never quite sure until the lights came back on. The tribute to them though is that while being really, really scary it was ultimately them that kept our favourite two companions together, in a well produced and well written episode that has to be in anyone’s top ten Doctor Who episodes.


Author: intheblackhall

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