WesterNoir: book 2

WesterNoir book 2 fc title

The Crocodile tears of the Louisiana Swamp Men

Straight into book 2 of this tantalising tail and we start somewhere in the beginning of the story. Personally I’m a fan of flashforwards and flashbacks, and even sideways, and Accent UK use them really well, they stick you right in the middle of a Louisiana swamp alongside Josiah Black and get you thinking, why is he there and how did he get there. That’s it the seed is planted and you couldn’t put the book down now if you wanted to.

In his latest assignment handed to him by Mr Caligary Josiah is getting involved with the Swamp Men depicted on the front cover. These are the type of foes you want in a comic book, ones that are animals that just happen to be walking on two legs. These are the types of villain I like, ones drawn so expertly, as big, monstrous crocodiles with human like features and that make the one in Lake Placid look like a ferocious kitten.

We also get a little reminiscing by our protagonist and learn a little bit more about his family, not too much but enough to let you know that this is why he’s like he is and eventually it’s going to play a big part in the overall story arc.

The interweaving of storylines is definitely one of the things I enjoy about the WesterNoir books, the writer doesn’t let you rest for a minute trying to figure out how everything will come together. I also enjoy how Josiah just knows where he is going, there is no need for an assistant, he just finds the information he needs and on he goes.

More importantly, we go with him. When he’s in the Swamp we’re stood there with him, the artwork building up the suspense of what might be lurking there and Josiah not being as frightful as us, takes it as an everyday occurence and smacks it in the face with the butt of his rifle. He really is a likeable protagonist and what he comes up against reminds me of comic books I grew up with as a child, so what if a crocodile man can’t really exist, it’s there and someone has to deal with it. Plus he looks very cool in those demon seeing goggles.


Josiah not being as frightful as us, takes it as an everyday occurence and smacks it in the face with the butt of his rifle.

WesterNoir is storytelling at its best, each book a self contained story that leaves little things left open, it grasps your imagination and puts you right alongside Josiah Black through its great narrative wrapped up in shiny black and white art. With that said, I can’t wait for the third book and what’s going to happen with those mermaids.

Josiah black 1 book 2 fc


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