Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Beginning of the End

Agents of SHIELD has been a terrific series to watch unfold. With episodes that stand alone as well as contribute to the overall arc, and characters that we’ve grown to like, got annoyed by on occasions to downright falling out with them to the point of screaming, “You evil son of a …” at the television. The revelation that Ward was and pretty much always has been on the side of Garrett was a stroke of genius. Some commentators I’ve read haven’t liked the fact that they’ve been trying to reconcile with Ward, make him out not to be as evil as he is. Its not bad writing and I don’t think it’s a flaw to Ward’s character.  Ward was taken in by Garrett, trained and honed to follow him just like Buddy, Episode 21: Ragtag, and be extremely loyal. For me this wouldn’t be a Whedon-esque show without some nod towards redemption, his inference to raping Skye lets you know the evil is in him and that this is what Garrett has played on. The episode itself is really well played out both through its dialogue and what character relationships. None more so than with Fitz and Simmons, a duo that more than once throughout the series have been referred to as Fitz-Simmons. A clever technique to let us know that these two are the best of friends, you don’t get one without the other and they’re inseparable. Fortunately Fitz knows different and lets us know in a beautifully played out scene. The chemistry has always been there and the introduction of Agent Triplett played on this but stick these in a sunken part of the lab and what you get is a confession, a beautiful confession that gives the moment added sentiment and brilliance. Talking of brilliance, when Nick Fury appeared, even though we knew he was alive already, there was a moment when a tiny bit of me cheered out along the lines of ‘Fitz, you absolute genius, with your weak signal that only SHIELD can pick up’. Then another cheer was let out and the words muttered went something like, ‘Yes, it’s Nick Fury’.

Nick Fury

Nick Fury rescues Fitz and Simmons

That’s when the episode really picked up for me, the use of Agent Triplett’s noisemaker had already started that with a nice injection of humour. The ‘incentives programme’ had already intrigued me and Skye has become some real bad-ass agent. Not just because she’s the daughter of two monsters who rampaged through China looking for her but because she had the whole hacking thing to start with and then added all the agent skills with it. One thing I can’t wait to see is how the mystery around Skye plays out in series two.


Coulson asks Agent Triplett if he brought his noisemaker

Infiltrating Cybertek, May and Skye get what they want, Mae more so when she defeats Ward and doesn’t even look like she was trying. Although, I can’t help wondering what Ward was going to say something before May damaged his larynx. Has this ended his final redemption or had he figured out what Quinn was planning with the ‘gravitonium’. On the subject of Quinn, I sill can’t work out if he was working for Garrett, with him or if he knows more about what’s going on than he lets on. I do know that Raina knows much more than she lets on though, I’m sure about it. So Quinn and Raina get the outcome they wanted, the gravitonium for the former and Raina the answer to her question – we just don’t know what that is yet. What we do know is that the blood soaked man Raina meets is Skye’s father. Where is her mother though … I hope she’s alive as well because I want some monster rampaging in the next series.


We finally meet Skye’s Dad in Agents of SHIELD

I also liked the addition of Koenig’s twin at the new secret headquarters. There’s definitely more to meets the eye there, hopefully every base has a Koenig as it’s facilitator. And then just when we think it’s over for the season we get Coulson becoming Director, some excellent make-up for Fury’s eye and then Coulson wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to scratch an entire map on to a wall. Now that’s what makes a good series, it doesn’t tie everything up, it makes you get to know its characters, follow them, fall out with them and even hate them if they’re Ward. The final thing a really good series does is it opens up more loose ends and makes you think, I want to see what happens next.


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