My Hero Academy – WSJ (no.46)

This week I’ve had the enormous pleasure of purchasing my very first Weekly Shonen Jump. It’s a name I’ve been aware of since my childhood and while manga videos (yep good old VHS) were hard to find, Shonen Jump was impossible to get my hands on. So through the Comixology app (ios and android) – you can also go to – I purchased no.46 for 69 pence. Yep a magazine with ten stories inside, including Bleach snd Naruto, I think this is a steal. I know this is a digital version of it but from my experience digital copies don’t retail for any less than their print siblings.

First up is an intriguing article called My Hero Academy by Kohei Horikoshi.


The story follows Izuku Midoriya a boy who is born quirkless in a world full of superheroes and villains who have quirks. Quirks they use to mean powerful abilities.

Coming into this story half way I thought, “is this going to be difficult to get into?” It wasn’t and as many of you fans will know it is down to great writing and illustrating coming together to tell the story. With the 17 page segment leaving you pining for the next issue.


For me what I really love is the sound effects, used in a way only Manga can. They also take me back to a Pow! Blam! Infested Power Rangers childhood, which of course took a lot of its fight scenes from tokusatsu Super Sentai.

As I said there’s another nine stories to read and as I know I can’t wait until no.47 I’m going to go find no.45 as soon as I’m finished this issue.

A few reading tips if you’re going to jump – should that be Shonen Jump? (no! I can hear your cries ) – into reading this for the first time.

These are read from right to left. If all the panels are on one page read right to left in a panel, then move down on to the next panel. On occasion a panel might run across two pages, if it does read from right to left across both pages for that panel and then move down to the next panel on the right sided page.


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