Bosch: One not to miss


You could watch any episode of Amazon Instant’s Bosch, Season one or two, and pick out a piece of great acting, dialogue, narrative, plot and sub-plot – and that’s down to everyone involved in this series. For me in Season two’s ‘Follow the Money’ there’s a stand out scene that serves to encapsulate the solid partnership between detectives Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) and Jerry ‘J’ Edgar (Jamie Hector).

J. Edgar: Sh*t, Harry. What the f*ck? You should have told me.
Bosch: I couldn’t. Sorry.
J. Edgar: Sh*t, I’m pissed. I’m f*ckin pissed. (slight pause) I’ll get over it.
Bosch: I’m counting on that.


Coming after J. Edgar realises Bosch has been running his own investigation with Irving (Lance Reddick) – this well written, and well delivered piece of dialogue let’s us know these guys have been through a lot together, they trust each other and aren’t the type of guys to let something like this come between them.

It’s also a testament to the guys who write, act and are involved in the production of this series that they don’t go the usual route – these are characters that know their job and know things like this happen. They don’t fall out, and it doesn’t hinder their investigations.

It doesn’t stop there either. Chief Irving, who in season one seems to have Bosch by the short and curls – obviously no one really has Bosch like this – but Irving’s change from season one to season two is really well done. In season one he was a Deputy Chief looking to become Chief, embroiling Bosch in his politics to do so.

In season two the effects of events through the series see him change, he’s still the stern, no bull character from season one but with these events comes a new agenda. An agenda he turns to Bosch for help. Another partnership well performed and delivered by Welling and Reddick – the respect for each’s experience comes through tenfold, and the reason why Iriving chooses Bosch because he is relentless. Another trait that throughout both series comes across in Bosch’s character and one performed to perfection by Welling.

Eleanor (Sarah Clarke) and Maddie (Madison Lintz) have more screen time in season two, bringing Bosch’s family unit to the fore, and is a really useful tool to show what happens when you get at the family of a character who is relentless, and will do anything to get them back. With who else by his side than his partner J.Edgar for support. Clarke and Lintz providing such natural familial moments, you’d be forgiven for mistaking these as real mother and daughter.


Family relationships and indeed relationships of trust play a big part of season two, and along with great plots, sub-plots and plot twists this season, including some closure for Bosch, really brings home why this is one of the top dramas on television.

If you haven’t got Amazon Prime (UK, USA) I’d strongly recommend it, and then sit down for a weekend and just binge this season – or both if you’ve not seen series one. You won’t regret it.

If you like strong detective series, with no-nonsense detectives at the helm, this is definitely the series to watch. You won’t be disappointed, well not until you’ve come to the end of the series – and if like me you’ve got no patience, you’ll be craving the start of the next series within a day.




Author: intheblackhall

Blogger with professional communication, video and photography skills. I like to watch and review television programmes and comic books. I would like to further this by reviewing music as it's something I enjoy but never seem to write about. I continually strive to write a screenplay that gets commissioned and made into something brilliant. it'll happen one of these days.

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