I want more layers – Cryptocracy #1 and why I can’t wait to read the next.

#DarkHorse comics are a company I’m familiar with but have very rarely read any of their publications. With Cryptocracy I decided to wet my appetite and see if I’d bite. And boy did I bite. The inside cover is gripping enough, setting out how the world – our world – is made up of … no organised into nine circles. Immediately I’m reading the make up of each circle, wondering which I’d belong to. That’s the bite – I know, probably an obvious one for many but for me it brings to light very important subjects in today’s culture, politics, society and culture. Wrapped up in – wow University geekism alert! – ideology. Wow! And that’s just the inside cover.
Quickly throwing us into a narrative led flashback through the voice of Agent Shin. Oh and all those subjects, including ideology are all served with a big dose of ‘who’s controlling what’ and the ever gripping theme of conspiracy.

As a bit of a sci-fi slash futuristic geek (debatable scale, depending on who you ask), I was so pleased to see some super-futuristic tech come into play. Let out in a can of energy drink and called hydra, this tentacled piece of tech does more than it should and bringing attention with it.
So we’ve been hooked and baited in the first few pages and then bam it captures what a lot of us love in a certain #GameofThrones, family and hierarchies working in some reciprocal, beneficial manner with a little secret animosity. In this issue were introduced to Mars and Jupiter, two of the families in control. So, if you didn’t bite, surely you must’ve now?

It’s also got a little element of #AmazonVideo’s #Badlands in there and I can’t wait to see the fall out of this first issue.  Oh and there’s a brother, sister relationship that’s so far away from Cersei’s and Jamie’s I can’t wait to see what happens there. It tantalised, gives you a taste and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.  Issue two is already out so I’m gonna buy it and let you know how I get on.


Author: intheblackhall

Blogger with professional communication, video and photography skills. I like to watch and review television programmes and comic books. I would like to further this by reviewing music as it's something I enjoy but never seem to write about. I continually strive to write a screenplay that gets commissioned and made into something brilliant. it'll happen one of these days.

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