Superman: Rebirth, reborn, reinvigorated

Since DC’s rebirth launched in May 2016 there’s been a lot happening – reimaginings, deaths, comings and goings. Amongst them, as if he’d be left out, is Superman.

What has to be said is there’s some really good story telling going on here. We all have a favourite version of Superman, and other DC characters, but there’s always that point when a reset, reimagining or alternate telling is required. Mainly by publishers but with readers expectations not far behind.

With this you can get confusion and contradiction and sometimes elements that make a great read for one person, can be off-putting for others. I know my Mother could never get her head around Lois both knowing Superman is Clark or marrying him. For her this ‘it’s right in front of your eyes’ but still not knowing was what made the story for her. And while I love alternate reality, having two Superman characters in one universe wouldn’t cut the mustard for her.

If i did try to explain it, I would certainly have to start it with, “what’s happening with Superman at the moment is fantastic”. Which has a lot to do with those currently writing, drawing and colouring the comic books. Essentially having a deletion of one, while another replaces him alongside throwing in the spanner in the works that is a powerless Clark Kent. Genius!

So before you can even get used to one Superman being gone, we’ve also got to get used to the alternate version taking his place, as do the characters. Characters who’ve been written so well, to emulate our feelings. Bruce/Batman mentioning, ‘he’s not our Clark,’ just as I was thinking the same thing. While others want to give him time, Bruce like readers are suspicious. “What’s going on?” “Where’s it going to go?”

While I’d love to tell you all I will say is, pick up Superman and Action Comics Rebirth from issue 1 respectively (and maybe a little before to help cement what’s going on) and make sure to continue until the finale of Superman Reborn.

You won’t, I firmly believe, be disappointed. What the writers, artists and colourists have done is took what’s been and what’s to come and said right this is how to please everyone.

So go read and enjoy. I know I did and can’t wait for what’s to come next.


Author: intheblackhall

Blogger with professional communication, video and photography skills. I like to watch and review television programmes and comic books. I would like to further this by reviewing music as it's something I enjoy but never seem to write about. I continually strive to write a screenplay that gets commissioned and made into something brilliant. it'll happen one of these days.

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